What It Does

Roof Rejuvenate can slightly darken your shingles, giving them a fresher appearance similar to when they were new. Initially the change can be seen immediately after the initial process is completed this Darkening will dissipate over the course of a few days and become lighter as the oil makes its way into the lower layers of the shingles. Within a couple of years, the shingles will start to lighten up and the surface oils begin to oxidize off and the Roof Rejuvenate can be applied again for more years of saturated, functional shingles.  

Roof Rejuvenate will not void the original shingle manufacturer warranty. Our product is not a sealant or a coating that creates an external barrier. It soaks into the shingle and replaces what’s been lost. If the roof is over 10 years. Which means if you file a claim for defective material, all you’re going to get is some prorated % of the material costs you still have to pay out of pocket for the labor which is most of the cost.

Be Careful of the roof coating or sealant. Your roof is like a living creature. It holds and releases moisture and contracts and expands depending on the weather. These products will prevent your roof from doing what its spouse to do unlike Roof Rejuvenation.